Tax ConsultingTax Consulting For Personal & Business

Technology has made it easier for some to file their own taxes. However, these software programs cannot accurate advice regarding decisions you make that affect your tax liability. Have you ever found yourself asking questions like, “What if I sell my rental? What is the tax impact? How can I delay or defer paying tax on the sale? If my investment property goes into foreclosure, how am I affected?” We have answered that question and hundreds of others similar to it.

Consultation regarding personal and business taxes is one of the most valuable services we provide at our company. By evaluating income, deductions, and other possible tax breaks, we make sure our clients are prepared to cover their current and future tax liability. Just preparing your tax return isn’t enough. Our specialty is having the knowledge to guide you in future decision making and in implementing the strategies you need in order to minimize what you pay to Uncle Sam and to the state.