Personal Tax Preparation

Don’t waste time spending hours, even days trying to figure out this supposed “free” tax software. As Enrolled Agents, we are required to take 40 hours of update classes every year, which gives us the latest tax law changes and things to look for in the upcoming tax year. We prepare all tax returns from the basic 1040EZ form to the 1040 form with all schedules including:Personal Tax Preparation

  • Schedule A (itemizing deductions like mortgage interest, real estate taxes, charitable contributions)
  • Schedule B (interest & dividend income)
  • Schedule C (sole proprietorship income)
  • Schedule D (capital gains & losses – sale of stock or property)
  • Schedule E (rental & royalty income)
  • Schedule F (farm income)

With the tax preparation, you also get tax advice that most preparers cannot or choose not to give to their clients.

  • What kind of IRA should you contribute to?
  • What are the tax implications of selling property that was inherited?
  • Should you incorporate your small business?

Those are just a few questions that our tax preparers can help answer for you. Our office is open year-round. We do not shut down after April 15th and only open one day a week like many franchised owned tax preparation offices.