IRS RepresentationTax Representation

Nothing scares a client more than receiving a letter from the IRS.

However, many of these notices are easily resolved.

No matter the complexity of your issue, we have staff that are certified as Enrolled Agents with the IRS.

This allows us to speak with the IRS on your behalf. By filling out a simple power of attorney, we can represent you and answer any tax questions the IRS may have for you. Ask yourself, are you…

  • Owe back income taxes?
  • Behind on your company payroll taxes?
  • Late on sales taxes?
  • Receiving “intent to levy” notices?

These are the problems our company can handle for you. Don’t let other companies charge you thousands of dollars in retainer fees to “hopefully” get you qualified for an offer in compromise. An offer in compromise allows you to possibly pay a flat amount of money for taxes owed to the IRS, sometimes considerably less than the total amount owed. Sometimes, all it takes is a quick review of your personal income and equity to determine if you qualify for an offer in compromise and potentially thousands of dollars in savings.