Client CommunicationCorporate Tax Preparation

Some of our clients previously utilized the services of other accountants but made the move to Fish, Streyffeler, & Ulmer due to poor communication with their old firms. These clients often state that they dreaded the bill associated with making a call to their accountant; The charges for a 10-minute phone conversation astounded them. As accountants, we know a lack of communication can be detrimental to a business’s financial standing. When you need us to provide information or perform an analysis, we guarantee our fastest possible response.

We encourage our clients to keep us informed of their transactions or potential changes that could affect their tax liability to federal and state agencies. In most cases, our monthly accounting clients pay a single fee each month for our services, which includes answering their questions via phone or email. By openly communicating with clients, we provide them with ample time to make key decisions that could affect them today and in the future.